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GOAL - The World’s Greatest Soccer Weekly

Ran from 16 August 1968 until 1 June 1974: 296 weekly issues in total.
Published by Longacre Press (IPC), 161/166 Fleet Street London, EC4.
Printed by Odhams.
Editor Alan Hughes.

Goal magazine launched in August 1968 with a "do" at the Savoy, featuring Goal Girls and the assembled media, with Bobby Charlton signed up to do a weekly diary. Goal magazine launched in the same month as Russian tanks invaded Czechoslovakia and Tom Jones was number one in the charts with 'Delilah'.

The World Cup holders England were looking forward to defending their title in Mexico. Two months earlier, Manchester United had won the European Cup, and had come second to Manchester City in the first division.

By 1971 Goal had 220,000 weekly sales, which gradually declined from that high point down to June 1974, when IPC decided to incorporate (close!) it into Shoot magazine.

The Goal brand next appeared from IPC as Goal Monthly in October 1995, its strap line was "From the Makers of 90 Minutes" which was an independent that had been taken over by IPC in the mid nineties.

Goal Monthly was 'incorporated' into 442 magazine in July 1998 and hasn’t been seen since.

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