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About Topical TimesAbout Topical Times
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About Topical Times

The Topical Times is an important publication in terms of the football magazine as we know it today.It was the first weekly weekly newspaper that featured a high content of football related content.

Topical Times ran in a newspaper format from its first issue on the 18th October 1919 until ending with its 1071st issue on 25th May 1940. It was published by DC Thomson of 12 Fetter Lane,Fleet street,London.

DC Thomson went on to produce the Dandy and Beano.

The cover would usually use a single spot colour-like red.

Whilst not football exclusive it was predominantly a football periodical. A typical issue from the 1930's would feature 16 pages out of the 36 pages overall. Of course they famously produced the glossy Topical Times cards that featured 3 players as a free insert.All for 2 pence.

The rest of the content would feature boxing , horse racing and a boy's action short story.

It continued as a paper until the second year of the Second World War, when a paper shortage at the time stopped production. It finished its last issues by running many war stories and war propaganda (Often making fun of Adolf Hitler and the German Reich), whilst still managing to give the Pools news for the matches that were played..

I strongly recommend this website to find out more about Football and the War.

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Online Catalogue > Topical Times 1919