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About Soccerbilia

"I came across Soccerbilia while researching for my own football collection and have been very pleased with the quality of the items I have purchased. The site is informative and well set out. Martin Westby clearly has a feeling for football and its memorabilia."
Martin Tyler, Football Commentator, Sky Sports.

On this site, we sell the original magazines, we are not the owners of the copyright.

We have thousands of football magazines in stock covering 110 different publications.This includes, among others,complete runs of Charles Buchan's Football Monthly, Soccer Star, Jimmy Hill's Football Weekly, World Soccer and the first twenty odd years of Shoot. We also have a very good selection of bound magzines from as early as 1920.We recently were able to help the National Football Museum in Manchester source some difficult to obtain newspapers from the early 1900s. We recently added 50 editions of the very rare "Pastime" newspaper from 1894 onwards that we are very proud of. The site offers many first issues of other famous football magazines. This site is a work in progress as it has been very difficult to catalogue all the soccer magazines that have been produced over the last 100 plus years, particularly as rival publications consumed and were consumed by the competition.

"Martin has done a fantastic job here and long may it continue, I found the website very informative and shall certainly be revisiting in the near future. In fact , I am now tempted to bring my collection of soccer magazines down from the loft to see what I might be missing! News from the Net by Kevin Artlett May 2014.

To see the actual covers of the magazines click on any of the date buttons in the menu above.

Read it for free:
Football Chat and Athletic World March 8 1904

The Athletic News and Cyclists' Journal was established in Manchester in 1875 as a "weekly journal of amateur sport"; it changed its name to Football Chat and Athletic World on 12 December 1900. It was tone of the first publications to discover the enormous potential of soccer fans wanting to read about their heroes every week.

If you have any historical background to add to my listings I would be very grateful for the help as even the British Library does not hold complete records for all the football periodicals of recent years.

I have hundreds of issues still to upload to the site so please revisit or send an email if your favourite footy magazine issue is not showing yet as the chances are that I have them in stock but have not yet catalogued them.There are currently over 8000 different magazines available to purchase from the site. Including the newspaper report from December 1863 announcing the foundation of the Football Association. For a collector of football magazines and newspapers , the edition that carries the news that the FA is formed, represents it's greatest treasure.

As well as being a site where football memorabilia collectors can fill the gaps on their magazine of choice, it is also a place where visitors can use the continuous run of magazines from 1909 to the present to buy unique birthday presents for their friends and family members who love "soccer" (go to the "Search" page for this option).

Reclaiming the name "Soccer"

Some people incorrectly assume that America invented the word "Soccer" and, as a result, British fans tend to recoil from the name and stick to "Football". In fact, "soccer" is the nickname from the early 20th century and is a contraction of "Association Football".

This term of affection was used throughout the last century and only slowly started to be dropped from the late 1970s. It was a surprise in 1951 that Charles Buchan called his magazine a "Football" Monthly when in all his editorials his copy was about the joy, or the skill, of soccer. Raich Carter launched his "Soccer Star" in 1952 and "World Soccer" followed in 1960. The dummy issue of Goal magazine that circulated to newsagents in the summer of 1968 featured the strap line of "The World’s Greatest Football Weekly" but, crucially, by launch it had become "The World’s Greatest Soccer Weekly".

For a site dedicated to the British Football/Soccer magazine memorabilia of the second half of the 20th Century it really had to be called "Soccerbilia".

Besides British Soccer Magazines you will also find a selection of football books for sale on this site.

I also run a website selling football history books: